Renting a car without a driver for a day in Cambodia

It turns out renting a car without a driver for short-term in Cambodia is not easy at all. Most companies that rent cars have various requirements. The only two that are simple and straightforward are Avis and Lyna Car Rental. They even help you converting your foreign/international driving license to a Cambodian one (as Cambodia apparently does not recognize any other driving license except its own). They also offer online booking.

If you need a car for longer, there are some other options. After contacting a few places, I found the following companies that will rent cars without a driver, each with varying minimum rental periods:

Name Phone Email Minimum
AN Kong Car Rental 071-7171727 [email protected] 1 month
Bung Sopheap Taxi Service 012-894155 [email protected] ?
Henry Car Rental 088-8261175 [email protected] 3 days
IZUMI Enterprise & Development 012-437375 [email protected] 1 year
Nisay Car Rental Service 092-503011 [email protected] 3 days
Ravy Angkor Tours Cambodia 023-215618 [email protected] 6 months
Sok Hour Car Rental/Asia Explorer Travel 023-218609 [email protected] 7 days
SVR Service Vehicle Rental (Mr. Seng Votry) 092-820887 [email protected] ?

On the other hand, if you are also willing to pay for the driver, there are plenty of options. Most travel agencies can arrange for a car plus driver, even for daily rental. Rates usually seem to be quoted for either in-city or provinces, and can include unlimited mileage + gas. But I will do a separate post on that.

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  1. Great job!
    Many thanks for this., your site is of great help.
    Already rented at Lyna but I’m still looking to find a company that rents vans without driver.
    Lyna used to have one van but not anymore.
    Driver licenses may be bought at many other places, like Lucky Moto.

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