How much does it cost to paint an apartment in Phnom Penh?

Unfortunately, I didn’t get too many responses to this survey. Understandably, some contractors want to see the site before supplying a quote. But I thought I would still post it, as it still gives some insight.

Cambodian Chemical Supply (Cam-Paint)

St. 217, Kraing Svay Village, Sangkat Prek Kampeus, Khan Dangkor

023 885 657

[email protected]


Paint: Paintex Acrylic Emulsion Paint

Labor/sqm: $1.50

Paint/sqm: $1.80

Total/sqm: $3.30

Natural Colour

No. 13AE1, Rue de France (St. 47)

012 499 248

[email protected]


Paint: Kansai Par Supermatt

Labor/sqm: $1.20

Paint/sqm: $3.00

Total/sqm: $4.20

TS Federal Paint

No. 243Z, Oknha Tep Phan (St. 182), 12157 Phnom Penh

023 880 094

[email protected]


Paint: Federal Paint Fedesilk

Total/sqm: $4.00

Ly Chhen Construction (Carpoly Paint)

#89D St271 Toek Tla , Khan SenSok, Phnom Penh

086 361 168

[email protected]


Paint: Carpoly paint JRM0112

Total/sqm: $2.40

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  1. Hi

    How are the sq meters calculated? Is it the surface of the room or of the wall?

    Thank you for your help

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