ATM and Debit Card Comparison

This is a somewhat comprehensive, although by far not complete, overview of the fees charged for ATM and debit cards in Cambodia. I tried to gather as much information and be as accurate as possible. But there are so many different options as well as types of fees that I could not possibly obtain them all. But I hope it can still prove useful.

TLDR: I would go for the Foreign Trade Bank’s  ATM card or FastCash card. They seem to have the lowest fees overall. They are also compatible with both EasyCash and Visa Plus. And the requirements to get an account are not too onerous. 如果你是中国人建议你去中行工行办个借记卡 (两个都应该有微信号)。台湾人可以选择國泰世華銀行

Pure ATM cards

A few banks issue ATM cards that are not compatible with any other ATM network, such as the Cambodian EasyCash or the international Visa Plus, and cannot be used for POS transactions. Some of these banks may not have any debit cards at all.

Name Issuance Annual
Acleda free $0.50
CIMB Bank free $6.00
Hong Leong Bank free free
Sathapana Bank $5.00 $3.00
Phillip Bank free free
Phnom Penh Commercial Bank $2.00 free
RHB Indochina Bank free free

Debit cards with EasyCash/Visa Plus

This type of card can be used to withdraw cash at any Easy Cash ATM and, if applicable, also at any Visa Plus ATM. However, some can only be used in Cambodia and they can only be used for POS transactions at the issuing bank’s devices (if at all). Not listed here is the Foreign Trade Bank’s FastCash card. The fees are the same as for the debit card in the list below, but it is a prepaid Visa card, so you do not need to open an account to get it. It costs just $3 for the basic version (maxium top-up amount is $500 and $5 for the advanced (max top-up $5000). You also pay a fee each time you top up.

Easy Cash and Visa Plus cards

Pure Visa Debit Cards

This type of card is a regular Visa debit card that can be used for cash withdrawal and POS transactions worldwide. Most banks will have different levels of cards, such as Classic, Gold, etc. I always tried to choose the most basic card.

Pure Visa debit cards

Union Pay Cards

UnionPay is the Chinese payment network. The two Chinese banks ICBC and Bank of China offer this type of card. This is similar to the prepaid Visa debit card, as it is not connected to an bank account. Recently, ABA also converted their regular ATM card to a UnionPay card.

Union Pay cards

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