How much you have to pay to rent a car with a driver in Cambodia

Unlike renting a car without a driver, hiring a vehicle with a driver is really easy. I requested for quotes for one-day city tour and two-day tour to another city (for companies located in PP to SR, and for those in SR and SV to PP). All rates below usually (but not necessarily) include gasoline, insurance and other expenses. Some will also let you pay for the gas separately if you prefer that. Also, the prices may be negotiable, depending on the season.

The rate for a single-day rental in Phnom Penh can be anywhere from $35-$100, the average being $54. In Siem Reap, it’s clearly cheaper, hovering around the $30-$35 range. In Sihanoukville, I only got two quotes, each for $50. For the two day trip to another city, PP to SR costs $226 on average. The other way around would set you back about $190.

Phnom Penh

Name Email Car City Other
Aveera Travel [email protected] Hyundai H-1 $80 $270
Blue Travel & Tour [email protected] Lexus RX300 $35
Budget Cambodia Tours [email protected] Highlander $45 $230
Bung Sopheap Taxi Service [email protected], [email protected] Lexus RX300 $50 $180
C – Car Rental Service [email protected] Camry $40
Cana Vehicle Renting Service [email protected] $35 $145
Car Rental Co., Ltd. [email protected] Camry, Pajero $35 $170
Channel Limousine [email protected] Camry $40 $279
Daily Transport Car Rental Service [email protected] Camry $70 $275
Eco Tour de Mekong Tour [email protected] Camry $45 $210
Heng Mardy [email protected] Camry $50
Henry Car Rental [email protected] Lexus RX300 $60 $180
Khmer Tutor [email protected] Camry $50 $180
Kim Se Transportation [email protected] Toyota Fortuner $50 $250
Landa Car Rental [email protected] Highlander, Siena $60 $240
Larryta Car Rental-Express [email protected] Camry, Lexus RX300 $60 $230
Mekong Visit Travel & Tours [email protected] Camry $35 $175
Mey Hong Transport Ford Transit $95 $350
Mittapheap Tours [email protected] Camry $45 $210
Moon Noons [email protected] Camry $40 $260
Mr Mak [email protected] Lexus RX300 $55 $200
Nickolas’s Tourist Services [email protected] Highlander $80 $270
Nisay Car Rental Service [email protected] Lexus RX300 $90 $480
Piseth Transportation Association [email protected] Land Cruiser, Lexus $70 $240
Rattana Transportation-Service [email protected] Lexus 470 $100 $300
Ravy Angkor Tours Cambodia [email protected] Camry $35 $180
Sada Car Rental [email protected] Camry $35 $150
Sar Borith [email protected] Camry, Honda CRV $45 $220
SB Car Rental [email protected] Honda CRV $50 $190
SK – Transport [email protected] Camry $40 $180
Sok Hour Car Rental/Asia Explorer [email protected] Camry $50 $250
Sunly Car Rental Group [email protected] Camry $45 $160
Taro Car Rental Service [email protected] Highlander $100 $200
Tony’s Tuk Tuk and Car Service [email protected] Lexus RX300 $50 $200
Tourism of Cambodia [email protected] Camry, Lexus RX300 $35 $210
VLK Royal Tourism [email protected] Camry $45 $200

Siem Reap

Name Email Car City Other
AAA Travel & Tours [email protected] Prius $30 $220
Brother Trading Transportation Service [email protected] Camry, Pruis $25 $180
Mr Chan Sopul [email protected] Mercedes $30 $220
Pro Angkor Travel [email protected] Camry $30 $150
Siem Reap Transport [email protected] sedan car $35 n/a
The Mandalay Travel & Tour [email protected] Camry $30 $180


Name Email Car City Other
Sihanouk Ville Tour [email protected] Lexus RX300 $50 $140
Sihanoukvilla [email protected] Camry $50 $150

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