10 Courier Services in Cambodia That Are Cheaper Than DHL

After emailing several logistics providers, I found ten companies that offered quotes for international door-to-door delivery service cheaper than DHL. The one surprising thing was that, if you want to use DHL, instead of booking through them directly, you should go through a DHL agent. I got quotes from two DHL agents, which were about 20% and 50% cheaper than what DHL was asking for. The column “Discount” is the average of quotes to three different locations (Bangkok, New York and Paris) compared to the DHL quote. So, e.g., “70%” means the prices were on average 70% cheaper than DHL. The base prices from DHL for a package of 3kg were as follows -> Bangkok: $97, New York: $147, Paris: $151. Please note that this is just an approximate comparison. Some quotes do not include Cambodian VAT of 10% and may also not include other things, such as insurance.

Name Email Agent Discount
Expert Cargo Services [email protected] 70%
AGL – Advanced Glory Logistics [email protected] 58%
TSP Express Cambodia [email protected] FedEx 57%
Elan Global Logistics [email protected] DHL 55%
CLN Cambodia [email protected] 53%
Linehaul Express (Linex) [email protected] 51%
Smile Link Express World Wide [email protected] 45%
Pdex Worldwide Express Logistics [email protected] 42%
Cambodian Air Sea Logistics [email protected] DHL 22%
Agility Logistics Limited [email protected] 19%

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