Comparison of Easy Access Savings Accounts (MFI)

This table contains the interest rates of Cambodian Microfinance Institutions* as of April 26th, 2019. Some MFIs have tiered rates (i.e. the higher the balance, the higher the interest rate). For these, a balance of $1,000 or KHR4m was assumed. Accounts in Thai Baht (THB) are also available if branch is near the Thai border or you go into Head Office, rates are usually similar to USD.

To open an account as a foreigner you will need a Passport and sometimes a long-term visa and a Tenancy Agreement. Government withholding Tax is 4% for residents and 14% for non-residents.

To prove you are resident most MFIs will want to make a copy of your visa(s) showing you’ve been in Cambodia for 6 months and a Tenancy Agreement. You can open a non-resident account and change it to a resident one later when you meet their conditions.

HKL Hattha Kaksekar Limited**4.00%4.25%Yes
AMK Microfinance Institution Plc4.00%4.00%Yes
WB Finance (formerly Visionfund)***3.00%3.00%No
Amret Microfinance Institution1.00%1.00%Yes

* Crédit Mutuel is not an MFI, but a credit co-operative.

** HKL only allows one withdrawal per month.

*** When we tried WB Finance it was the only MFI to ask for proof of income. Also note website is rarely updated so ask staff to check interest rates with head office before applying.

For comparison these were the rates on May 31st, 2016.

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